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Special & Custom Designs

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    Pictured below is just a sampling of the many variations, options and customizations available. Many are easy solutions using standard HSA Rolltop Desk, Rack and Lectern option combinations and others are examples of our well-designed "one-of-a-kind" unique creations. HSA and your HSA Authorized Dealer will be happy to help, working with you on a design to fit your special requirements.

(some products shown with accessory devices for demonstration purposes that are NOT included in price)

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1. Dual Standard with passby
Dual Standard with passby
Dual Standard with passby detail
A special modification to a pair of our Standard Rolltops. The desks are bolted together into one unit and have the undermounted racks "mirrored". A special pass-by is created on the sides between the desks to enable extra leg and knee room for the operator. This is a "customization" by just applying our RACKLEFT and PASSTHRU options to a pair of Standard Rolltops to get a nice and compact separated Audio/Video control center.
2.   Here's the same options as above applied to a pair of our EXTRT-II (Extended Rolltop) desks for extra room. Additionally, the Stainless Steel rolltop tambour option was used for even more strength and security!
3. A nice example of a combination of standard and custom pieces. Here, and Inspire Super Extended desk has been modified for a special "L"-shaped corner AV Control Center with the addition of a custom corner unit cabinet with cable pass-throughs and storage. The corner unit was made accessible from both back sides and each rack back ventilated as well.  
4. Triple Inspire style system design #11010 Triple Desk work center system based on our Inspire Series Style (custom design #11010). Featuring 3 desk areas, each with its own locking rolltop tambour and PASSTHRU options in the knee-wells for easy chair and leg movement between desks. The twin 17RU equipment racks with special ventilated and locking side access doors on the racks enable equipment and wiring access in the limited space the work center operates within. Triple inspire rear view
5. Dual configuration based upon an Inspire High Rise Standard with an additional desk body (two desk bodies and shared center rack body). Used for FOH audio control/lighting control. Photo on left shows desks and racks closed while right photo shows all open. Note the "NOUPPER" option was applied for extra clearance to use video monitors and/or large/tall meter-bridged mix consoles.



6. Dual High Rise Standards mirrored with one upper rack deleted for LCD monitor To the left is a pair of High Rise Standard Rolltops which will be used for a combination Audio & Video mix station. They are mirrored, with the center pass-by option for legroom clearance. The right desk was built without the Upper GlideOut rack bay to enable an easy fit for up to a 16"+ tall LCD monitor with no other modification.  
7.   Here is an Inspire High Rise Extended variation with a special video turret style rack enclosed in the main desk body. It provided convenient mounting for a switcher and mini-monitors while leaving ample "loose" desktop space. INSHRE with turret rack
8. Dual Inspire Rolltop (closed) with videobay and extra undermounted rack
Video Bay Closeup
Dual Inspire Rolltop (open) with videobay and extra undermounted rack
A special customization to one of our Inspire Series Rolltop Desks. The desks and racks are bolted together into one unit after installation. On the left is an Inspire Standard Desk body (44" internal left-to-right clearance) with an INPLUS4 extra height option (adds 4 extra inches for a nominal internal height clearance of 11.625"). It also features our VideoBay option applied to the entire rear section of the table giving a downward adjustable height platform for LCD monitors. Next is a modified Standard Rolltop with a PLUS4 option (and Modesty Panel option to match the Inspire Desk). This desk is specially built to the left-to-right width of our Extended Rolltop model desk (for the wider 56" internal clearance) and includes its 10RU undermounted rack. Finally, to the right side is our Inspire Standard Rack which includes the INPLUS4 option to bring its capacity up to 18RU of rack space.
9. These customized Inspire Standards were the basis for compact, portable control centers. An INPLUS4 option added extra internal height clearance on the worksurface which included the Video Bay option. Our 10 space undermounted rack was added for increased rack mount capacity and both racks moved to the left-hand side. Finally, the whole package securely rests on a heavy-duty RollBase with omni-directional locking, non-marring 4" casters. The control center in the left photo is just a mirror image of the one on the right. INSSTD INPLUS4  racks on left on HD RollBase
10. PR1216-II with folddown option Just to show its versatility, here's one of our PR1216-II's (left photo) and an Inspire HRSTD desk body (w/NOUPPER option) with the addition of the FOLDDWNR (folding shelf) option added. INSHRS fold down option
    Even our large Rolltop Custom Quad (RTQUAD-II) desk can benefit. Show at left with an UPPER1X3 upper rack rack option and the FOLDDWNL folding shelf on its left side. That makes a great Guest Director or temporary recording platform when needed.
11. HREXT with computer modifications Here is a variation on the High Rise Extended Rolltop modified to hold a computer CPU next to the rack mounted electronics. Removing the Upper GlideOut Rack Unit gives clearance for a computer monitor. Shown with optional RollBase.
  This Standard Rolltop (STDRT-II) has been customized to use the "kneewell" area as a second, rolltop-secured storage compartment! Also a slight modification to the normal RBSTD-II Caster RollBase. On this version, removable panels on both the 10RU rack and the compartment are offset from the desk's rear. A Modesty Panel (MODSTD) could be used to create a second compartment all across the back if needed.
13. To the right is a custom Inspire Desk System featuring 3 inline rack systems, corner connector and Super Extended format desk. Corner connector featured locking rear door for cable access and additional storage.

Inspire with 3 racks
14. Two desk bodies share a customized center enclosure for a popular style of pullout rotational rack! Maple finish with Charcoal Matrix high-pressure laminate on the work surfaces and heavy-duty ILS lock system securing our special Stainless Steel rolltop tambours.
    Shown above with rack pulled forward. Photo to the left shows rack rotated to the right.
15. Based on our Inspire Rolltop Custom, this modified desk features clearance for taller mix consoles, heavily ventilated rack backs and a heavy-duty RollBase with eight - 4" non-marring casters. INSRTC customized with rollbase INSRTC customized closed
16. With a bit of a customization, we convert a Rolltop Custom Quad (model RTQUAD-II) desk from center seating to a split configuration for two AV operators, by building its two undermounted 10RU racks in the center.
17 USAVID32 with drawer and vidbay USAVID32 closeup USAVID32 closed
Custom USAVID32 Presentation Desk/Podium (custom design #10044) with both a keyboard/laptop pullout and additional "under keyboard" storage drawer. Features locking rolltop tambour door covering rack and CPU bay plus an adjustable and ventilated VIDEOBAY option (center photo detail) for monitors.
18. USAVID dual drawers
USAVID dual drawer opened
Custom Designed USAVID #09067 with both a keyboard/laptop pullout and additional "under keyboard" storage drawer. Angled and recessed LCD mount and worksurface cable management. 19" rack mount plus CPU tower/equipment bay behind locking rolltop tambour door.
19. USAVID custom mounting closeup
USAVID32 showing LCD, mic, tambour, keyboard pullout
USAVID custom  mounting
Details of a USAVID Presentation Desk/Podium (custom design) #09053 showing custom modifications for user supplied microphone, LCD monitor in an angled table design and control panels (photo on right shows larger view of top including keyboard drawer).
20. USAVID white Custom USAVID Presentation Desk/Podium (design #10058) produced in a special combination of gloss and semi-gloss high-pressure pure white laminates for a high-tech corporate presentation and meeting environment designed in stainless steel, white and glass. USAVID white closeup 10058
This Ebony Black finished USAVID32 (design #11027) features HSA's unique locking rolltop tambour doors on both the lower rack compartment and the control worksurface for both a clean appearance and security. This design also included a convenient retractable keyboard/laptop worksurface and a unique mounting method for non-surface mountable monitors.
22. USAVID 10011 Rear Access USAVID 10011 Top View USAVID 10011
This USAVID32 (custom design #10011) features a keyboard pullout, side-travel locking rolltop tambour door covering 10RU rack and CPU bay. Shown with dealer supplied microphone shock mount, cable management and special touch screen. Photo on left shows locking rear door panel removed revealing easy equipment and wiring access from top to all the way through the bottom of the USAVID32.
23. USAVID44 Just an example of how a basic USAVID44 can be "customized" using just basically standard options! This one uses a USKB, USTAMB44 and a USRACK44 with a pair of "half-sized" USSHELF44's in the left bay area. USAVID44
24. USAVID custom design 11034 USAVID custom design 11034 front USAVID custom desing 11034 open
A USAVID32 (custom design #11034) featuring locking rolltop tambour doors both on lower rack and CPU bay and on upper worksurface. Shown with touchscreen and iPad dock (not included) and optional DUALFAN kit (installed in rack side). HSA's unique rolltop doors provide a measure of security not found on conventional lecterns and podiums.
25. AV Maple cart rear view
AV Maple cart front  opened
AV Maple cart front closed
This custom Audio/Video presenters cart features Natural Maple sides and tambour with Graphite high-pressure laminate top surfaces. An HSA locking rolltop tambour door secures a bay with a 12 rack unit 19" equipment rack with a CPU tower compartment to the side. The bottom edge of the front is gently contoured in so you can easily step close to the cart. A flush mount, locking door provides easy access to the back of the bay. A top grommet and a large floor cutout gives easy cable entrance and exit ways. This unit also features an optional fold-down drop leaf for extra worksurface with easy handling during transport. The AV cart rest on 4, 3" heavy-duty full-swivel casters for easy maneuverability.
    This is a closeup of the FOLDDWNR option as pictured on the AV cart described above. The FOLDDWNR or FOLDDWNL (right or left-hand mounted respectively) option provides an additional worksurface for racks & carts. Sturdy locking support arms easily disengage with a squeeze. AV drop leaf detail
26. avp avp rear avp closeup
Another version of our Audio/Video presenters cart (custom design #10017) highlights the installation of a monitor arm support, microphone shock mount and tabletop cable management. As with the Natural Maple & Graphite finished AVP cart shown before, a flush mount, locking door provides easy access to the back of the 12 RU rack bay. The Audio/Video presenters cart is shown here with 4, 3" heavy-duty full-swivel casters (front two locking) for easy maneuverability.
This custom dual-racked instructor's cart features special 270 degree hinged locking doors which enables those doors to be fully swung around to lay against the rack's sides and out of the way! A Charcoal Matrix high pressure laminate surface with overhung edges features convenient cable grommets and can be custom machined for a variety of AV or electronic system recessible equipment. With 6 heavy-duty locking casters, a locking, removable back panel, and plenty of bottom exiting and rack-to-rack cable access, it's a great design for education environments. Shown here in Charcoal Matrix with our Warm Cherry finish on plain-sliced oak.
28. A group of specially customized Classic Racks with double Folddown shelves stores compactly and easily. When extended, the fold-down shelves and rack top provide over 56" width of top worksurface! Triad Classic Group Triad Classic folddowns extended
29. HRSTD Here is a special adaptation of our High Rise Standard Rolltop developed to house a large video monitor and related electronics. HRSTD
30. Media Cart Rear
This custom Media Control Center features a large, open worksurface and 24RU equipment rack. Special storage compartments and wiring races are accessed behind locking doors. The whole unit travels easily on special, heavy-duty casters.
Media Cart Front
31. ControlBasix Desk
A simple, larger format, portable Presentation or Control Center desk featuring a wide, open worksurface, 6 heavy-duty casters and 16RU equipment rack.
ControlBasix Desk

(some products shown with accessory devices for demonstration purposes that are NOT included in price)

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