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Accessorizing Like A Pro

Your rolltop desk is exactly that, yours. With several accessory options, our team can transform a standard rolltop into precisely the desk to fit your needs.

Check out some ways you can accessorize your rolltop desk top:

#1 Wheels up!

…Or, rather, down below your desk.

Need to be able to move your desk or podium frequently? We can add wheels below so that your desk has the freedom of movement as you need.

#2 Add more height.

Perhaps you need more storage, or maybe you simply want a taller look to your rolltop. Either way, we can add any upper rack to meet your needs.

HSA offers a variety of upper rack styles, so give us a call or check out the options on our product page.

#3 How about some panel coverage below?

For a more formal look, you may want to add what a panel or two.

The first option is a middle access panel, which hides and holds in place various equipment you may have set up on/in your desk.

This first option automatically includes the second option which is what is called a modesty panel. The modesty panel is housed in the front center, below the table top, so as to hide your legs and feet while sitting in the desk.

This second option can be installed without option 1 (the middle access panel), but option 1 includes a built-in modesty panel.

#4 Add some space.

Whether it be height, width, or depth, HSA can add any or all three of these to your rolltop desk.

#5 Lock it in.

Need extra security? HSA offers thick sidewalling and lock-key access for security of your rolltop desk.

#6 And don’t forget the tech.

Whether you need a monitor, monitor arm, adjustable video recess, lectern equipment, or vent and fan, HSA has you covered.


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