Optional rolling platform to support our Rolltop desks on 2" low profile, business machine side-brake casters or on 4” diameter, heavy-duty, dual-braking casters. Our new design features special desk side vertical supports and 12 gauge steel connecting angles with 1/4" full bolt-through hardware on the casters and support structure as seen in these photos. Unlike the old "one-piece" RollBases, this new open design allow complete clearance for operator comfort whether standing or seated. On ADA accessible option desk models, it allows for compliance by not obstructing floor clearance. The solid multicore plywood bases are finished in our durable matte black high-pressure laminate surface for years of service. Great for semi-permanent situations or just for maintenance and access considerations. RollBases add 3.75" to overall height of a desk using the 2" caster versions or add 6.00" overall height with the 4" caster versions. 

Newly Redesigned RollBase Option

SKU: 911