Our Slideout Upper Rack Bays feature a super easy to install and remove "bolt-in" system and are now completely self-standing (this feature utilizing a mere 3/4" on each side at the table's rear section). Both feautres make it much easier for installers and end-users alike to remove and re-install the Upper Rack Bays for wiring and equipment changes without requiring two people to do that as with our old system. 


It's so easy to remove our new Upper Rack Bays for wiring access or equipment changeouts: Simply loosening a single socket head bolt on each side allows the entire Upper Rack Bay to slide forward and rest on the desk table top for equipment re-patching. For more extensive work, you can easily remove the entire self-standing Upper Rack Bay and set it anywhere convenient. Re-installation is a breeze as an alignment slot guides the Upper Rack Bay back to its proper position. A quick tightening and it’s locked in! All that plus our new Upper Rack Bays are finished in our new matte black high-pressure laminate surface over our solid multicore plywood for ruggedness, visually blending into the rack mounted electronics.


Along with our Slideout Upper Rack Bays, our Caster RollBases feature better operability and durability than our previous designs. As seen in the example to the left of our Standard Rolltop with its RBASE1 Rollbase, the rack is supported completely by a 4-wheeled base while an independent 2 wheeled base handles the desk’s opposite side. Unlike the old "one-piece" RollBases, these new open designs allow complete clearance for operator comfort whether standing or seated. This new design allows more flexible, independent movement for less stress to the desk and much easier access to the brake locks on each caster.


The above design features special desk side vertical supports and 12 gauge steel connecting angles with 1/4" full bolt-through hardware on the casters and support structures for single rack systems. Dual racked desks simply use twin, 4-wheeled platforms for unobscured operation. Both 2" side-braked and 4" heavy-duty dual-braked caster versions are available. RollBases add 3.75" to overall height of a desk using the 2" caster versions or add 6.00" overall height with the 4" caster versions. The solid multicore plywood bases are finished in our durable matte black high-pressure laminate surface for years of service.


Also pictured are the 4" and 2" diameter casters for both our CASTER-HD and CASTER options and our RollBase options. The 4" diameter dual brake stops wheel rotation plus the "swivel" while the 2" caster side-brake stops wheel rotation.

Slide-Outs & Caster Rollbases