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The High Rise Mini Rolltop is a great desk design when floor space is at a premium or you just need a compact desk. It is based on our High Rise Standard and is really a High Rise Standard slimmed down to a single rack width, outside width is just 21 inches! There are 10 rack spaces below and 3 above the tabletop. Plus, the rack rail above the tabletop is removable if you need a tall clearance for things such as video monitors. This desk has a lot of possibilities!


HRMINI-II Spec Sheet


Externally 21" W x 34" D x 44.75" H



Modesty Panel Option

Adjustable Video Bay

Rollbase Option

Rear Accessway Option

Stainless Steel Rolltop

HR Plus 4

HRMINI-II High Rise Mini Rolltop

SKU: 3
  • HRMINI-II, High Rise Mini Rolltop Desk, Roll top desk, Video Desk, Audio Desk, Wooden Desk, Production Desk, Presentation Furniture, Standard Series

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