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When you need the security of a locking cabinet, or aesthetic considerations require only beautiful wood to be visible, choose from one of our RollRacks. The "Roll" in RollRack refers to our hand-made, locking rolltop tambour door for a beautiful and protective finish to equipment housing. Complete with machine screw secured removable rear panel with lower rear cable exit (optional ventilated or dual-fan rear panel available) and ventilated floor with large cabling exit.


RR24 Specification Sheet


Dimensions w/ Standard Rubber Feet: 21" W x 23.5" D, 12RU = 28.25" H, 16 RU = 35.25" H, 24 RU = 49.25" H

RR24 Roll Rack 24

  • RR24, Roll Rack 24, A/V Rack, Audio Rack, Video Rack, Production Rack, Production Furniture, Presentation Furniture, Racks & Credenzas

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