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Available in 3 standard versions as a "no charge" substitution for the normal Slide-Out Upper Rack Bays in our High Rise Standard, High Rise Extended, Rolltop Custom and Rolltop Custom Quad-based desks. This is a great way to have some additional eye-level rack space while opening up the adjacent table top clearance for video displays or taller mix consoles. Clearance under the "racked" area remains a nominal 8.875" while the adjacent "open" area is the same as our NOUPPER options at 16.75" from table surface to the underside of the rolltop mechanism. Available in 1x3RU, 2x3RU and 3x3RU models (3x3RU will not fit desks smaller than the Rolltop Custom). These rack bays are built identically to the normal Slide-Out Upper Rack Bays, and supported from the table top and either desk side wall. They are shipped as conveniently field installable (hardware included) either for right or left-handed use. All that plus our new Upper Rack Bays are now finished in our new matte black high-pressure laminate surface for ruggedness, visually blending into the rack mounted electronics.

Alternate Upper Rack Bays

  • Alternate Upper Rack Bay, A/V Rack, A/V Storage, Options

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