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Productivity On Your Desktop

You get stuff done on rolltop. Here, productivity is the name of the game.

Check out the following tips to help you maintain focus on work and boost overall productivity:

#1 Keep up with your routine.

Set and stick to a regular schedule for your working hours. We all operate best on at least some level of routine. Your productivity is more likely to remain consistent if your schedule remains consistent.

#2 Determine rules with others.

Do you sharing your working space with others? If so, it’s helpful to discuss and work together to establish rules by which you all commit to.

For example, the group might create rules for items like noise level and general cleanliness.

#3 A break should be a complete break.

Did you know that taking frequent breaks can actually boost productivity? That’s right, so determine when and how long your breaks should be (according to what works best for you) and commit to taking these scheduled breaks in their entirety.

#4 Designate and use a particular space for work.

Your rolltop is the perfect spot to designate as your working location.

Separating your workspace from your leisure activities, can help your mind stay focused and avoid unnecessary wandering when a task is at hand.


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