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Easy, Multi-Desk & Multi-Rack Control Centers

HSA desks and racks are a great "single box" answer for Audio-Video workstations. But more than that, they are designed as "families" of desk, racks and options to enable system designers to easily create larger, multi-position control centers for the needs of more sophisticated Performing Arts Centers, House of Worship and Education environments.

Here's an example of an Inspire Extended adding an extra desk body with the modified rack option (INSRKWIDE) for a slide-out frame rack system. This particular design featured Stainless Steel tambours, ILS locks, extra thick sidewalls, Natural Maple option and high-pressure laminate worksurfaces.

Some spaces require the control center to fit a corner or that a siderack be more accessible to the operators. Flexible modifications include the options to: create a 90 degree turn from the desk to the rack, turn a pair of desks, create a full "U" shaped layout, maintain plenty of built-in cable access ways, and provide extra secured storage or "no touch" gear.

Whatever design you seek, HSA has hundreds desks, racks and other options to create an Audio/Video work space that is comfortable, productive, secure, and beautiful! HSA desk systems are rich with practical and stylish features.

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