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What’s A Tambour?

If you have been looking to purchase a rolltop desktop recently, you may have come across the term “tambour” – So, what is it?

A tambour is the actual rolltop cover mechanism on our desks and their rack. These heavy-duty, locking tambours secure audio/video, control, security and IT electronics.

Tambours come in one of two finish options— wood and stainless steel.

All wooden rolltop tambours include our standard lock. For desks measuring 56" or less in width, these rolltop tambours have one lock per rolltop tambour. For desks measuring 68" and wider, these products have two locks.

Desks ordered with the "Stainless Steel Package" option include:

· Two heavy-duty ILS/Institutional-grade locks (removeable & re-keyable cores) per desk rolltop tambour

· One ILS lock for any rack width products. Stainless Steel package option available only on desk bodies 68" wide or less (internal, left-to-right measurement).

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Unknown member
Sep 27, 2022

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