The USAVID is our latest design for a complete family of presentation desk podiums featuring a wide variety of standard options to choose from. Shown here as the USAVID32 version in the basic configuration (upper left photo) and with several options including the keyboard pullout tray, side pullout document camera/projector drawer and rolltop door rack mount with side utility/CPU area. The lower left photo shows the optional keylocked, removable (audience side) access door.


The USAVID comes in this 32" wide frame and also in a USAVID24 (narrower) and USAVID44 (extra wide) version. All options available on each size of the USAVID for easy configuration to meet your application.


USAVID Specification Sheet

33: USAVID32 (Locking Door)

SKU: 33
  • TR16E-II