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An adjustable drop down platform to provide a recessed area for Video Display Monitors. Can be a 20" wide area at the left or right rear side of a desk's table (left photo) or across the entire rear of the table on Inspire or Extended style desks (measurement would be the entire inside width of the particular desk as in right photo). The 7.25" wide shelf (measured front-to-back) is adjustable from 0" to 9" down. Takes only 5.25" from the rear of the table dimension and still leaves 1.125" of clearance between the shelf and the back where the rolltop tambour retracts.


Recommended ordered along with the various versions of the 'PLUS' height options and NOUPPER option for even more clearance.


Monitors and Monitor Support Arms not included. Desks shown here also have one of the 'PLUS' height type options. The 'PLUS' height options are strongly recommended in order to clear the height and viewable screen of most displays.

Adjustable Video Bay

  • VIDEOBAY, Adujustable Video Bay, Options

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