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For a compact and versatile audio/video platform, the PR1016-II/PR1216-II/PR1416-II system is hard to beat! Featuring 16 rack vertical spaces in the lower area and 10 rack spaces (12 in the PR1216-II & 14 inPR1416-II) arranged at an angle in the top, the PR adapts to a wide range of applications.


Features HSA's signature locking rolltop tambour door securely covering all top and front rack spaces. An optional Podium Top or optional Mixer Top ("drop in" bay) is available in place of the upper rack rails for even more versatility. Complete with machine screw secured removable rear panel with lower rear cable exit (optional ventilated or dual-fan rear panel available) and ventilated floor with large cabling exit. Many options available.


PR1016-II Specification Sheet


Also Available In: PR1012-II, PR1020-II, PR1212-II, PR1216-II,PR1220-II, PR1412-II& PR1416-II Versions

PR1016-II Rack

  • PR1016-II, PR Series Rack, A/V Rack, Audio Rack, Video Rack, Production Furniture, Presentation Furniture, Racks & Credenzas

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