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Keeping Your Rolltop Tidy

Once you have chosen the rolltop desk that is just right for you, here are some ways to keep your desk tidy:

#1 Create a system.

Think of the routine related to your desk.

What tasks do you use your desk for? At what times of the day? What items do you store in your desk? What items do you need most accessible?

Consider your needs and arrange your desk accordingly. Choose a system that makes sense for your routine.

#2 Stick to your system.

Just because you set a system does not mean it simply remains. Dedicate yourself to maintaining your system and shift your system as your needs change over time.

In addition to immediate maintenance, it’s useful to also schedule regular daily or weekly maintenance of your desk.

#3 Keep your cords out of a tangle.

Between power strips and various chargers, our desks tend to collect cords of all kinds. So, prevent a chaotic bunch of cords by ensuring all of these all have a pre-determined place.

#4 Attend to your papers.

If you have already considered how you will organize and arrange your papers, you are already a step ahead. Yet, how about when new, unexpected papers end up on your desk? Do you have a process for such a case as this? If not, it’s useful to create one.

Remember, a small stack of extraneous pages can soon turn into what might seem like a mountain of paper.


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