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A new option is shown on this USAVID24 with the new Dual Swing-Out Doors. This option provides a traditional doored front but with the space advantage of two smaller doors that can be comfortably opened in tight quarters. Each door is individually key-locked for added versatility and safety and supported on an extra heavy-duty "Euro" style adjustable hinge system. Also pictured is the USAVID's rear access (with the locking rear door removed) showing the rear of the touch panel (not included-shown for example) and the spacious cable access for it and other dashboard mounted devices.

USAVID24 Dual Doors

  • USAVID24, USAVID Series Lectern, Podium, A/V Lectern, A/V Podium, Production Furniture, Presentation Furniture, Lecterns & Podiums

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